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 Benefits of Greens powder

For anyone who isn’t a big fan of eating green veggies, Greens Powders can be a great win-win solution to help your daily recommended intake.

Benefits of Greens Powder:

Check free icon Detoxify bad toxins from the body
Check free icon Alkalise the body and Boost the immune system
Check free icon Aiding in weight loss
Check free icon Help prevent chronic disease
Check free icon Great for your skin and hair
Check free icon A great alternative to multivitamin tablets


1. Detoxify Bad Toxins From The Body

One of the most unique benefits of Chlorella is its ability to detox environmental toxins safely from the body. Spirulina is a potent detoxifier and an excellent chelating agent to remove toxins and radioactive substances from the body.


2. Alkalise The Body

Super Greens are bursting with chlorophyll, the substance used by plants to convert sunlight into energy - this increases the amount of oxygen in the blood which in turn revitalises tissues and protect the cells from oxidative stress.  


3. Help in Weight Loss

Super Greens are famous for being very helpful in people’s weight loss journey. Perhaps one of the biggest and the most notable effects of Greens drinks is that they have a filling effect. What that means is, they will help fill you up enough to eliminate any hunger or craving for food.

 Green Superfood Blend

4. Help Prevent Chronic Diseases

Super Greens Powders can help protect your body from a range of chronic diseases. And there have been plenty of scientific studies that have verified some of Greens powders’ antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2011, for instance, showed the Greens Powder’s ability to control chronic diseases.

Ten different people were given either 3 or 6 teaspoons of a Super Greens powder every day for four weeks. The trial subjects had their blood samples taken at the beginning and the end of the experiment.

The blood samples were tested, and the results showed an overall increase in the serum antioxidant potential with the increase in doses. It also showed a “statistically significant” drop in protein and lipid oxidation.

The test results concluded that Greens Powders could help reduce the chances of chronic diseases resulting from oxidative damage.


5. A Great Alternative to Multivitamin Tablets

Super Green Powders can be a more natural alternative to multivitamins.

Most multivitamin tablets and pills are synthetically manufactured. While this isn’t necessarily bad for you, a lot of the tablets’ nutritional value cannot be absorbed by the body as it does not resemble the natural forms of those nutrients.

Super Greens are made from raw ingredients. This makes their nutrients appear more natural and palatable for our bodies. This means the nutrients in Super Greens are more bioavailable, or more absorbable for the body, than the nutrients in multivitamin tablets.


6. Great for Your Skin and Hair

We are encouraged to eat green vegetables because they will help replenish all the tissues in our bodies, including the most visible ones, like the skin.

There have been reports stating the added benefits of the actual green component of a Super Greens Powder.

The thing that makes Super Greens green is chlorophyll, the pigment that makes plants green.

The chlorophyll that we intake while consuming wheatgrass, for instance, has been reported to aid in the repairing of broken skin. Wheatgrass consumption has also been linked to the treatment of conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

There have been independent studies showing that chlorella and spirulina  could prevent hair loss.


Benefits of Greens Powder


Super Greens Blend must consist of –

Check free icon Organic and natural ingredients – The Greens Powder must contain only organic and natural ingredients. 

Check free icon High green veggie and low fruit ratio – The Super Green Blend must consist of a higher amount of green superfoods and a small portion of fruits to be added just for sweetening.


Ingredients to be Avoided 

Greens Powder with too many ingredients – A Greens Powder requires only 6-8 ingredients and not a high list of ingredients. Many companies fill their products with a high number of ingredients just to increase the number count. 

✔ Choosing a Green Superfood Powder that is clean and not loaded with anything artificial is key. Avoid sweeteners, thickeners, flavourings or anything artificial. 

super greens powder


How to Properly Take in Super Green Powders

There’s no denying that Super Greens Powders don’t taste good. 

But many amazing benefits come out of taking a few teaspoons of Super Greens every day. 

Here are some common ways for improving the taste of Super Green Powders:

  • Mix the powder with a juice of your liking: It is perfectly acceptable to take the powder in with a juice you like (pineapple, orange, mango, etc.) instead of mixing it with plain water. 
  • Our favourite way to mix it in a smoothie: Smoothies are tasty. You can mix your Super Greens Powder with banana, a handful of frozen pineapple or mango and a cup of plant based milk or water. It takes away the green taste completely.


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Our Superfood Powders are organic, vegan and 100% natural. We don't use stevia, any sweeteners, fillers or anything artificial in our products, only pure ingredients.


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