Superfoods for Energy - Best Superfoods to Boost Your Energy and Vitality


Imagine foods that could boost your energy, enhance your mood, combat fatigue, reduce stress, control your weight, without side effects.

"Superfoods" do this!

Instead of sugary, belly-fattening energy drink or pouring yet another cup of coffee, load up on these nutrient-rich, energy-sustaining foods that give you energy and keep you going all day long.

Here are our Top Superfoods for Energy:



superfoods for energy


Guarana is a true superstar when it comes to boosting energy levels: it contains natural caffeine and countless micronutrients for long-lasting energy without crashes. 

Native to the exotic Brazilian rainforest, the indigenous peoples consider Guarana the “Elixir of Youth” and deem it as valuable as gold due to its myriad of health benefitting effects. Guarana powder is a natural alternative to coffee and energy drinks.



superfoods for energy


Raw Cacao  is extremely rich in flavanols which have been shown to act as powerful mood enhancers by increasing levels of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Mineral-rich cacao energizes the body without overstimulating the nervous system, giving you long-lasting energy!


superfoods for energy 


Maca Root is an ancient food and powerful adaptogen with a rich supply of vitamins and minerals, including iodine. 

Maca is praised for enhancing energy levels, hormonal balance, mental clarity, and sex drive. It’s also considered an “adaptogen” because it can help the body adapt to stressful scenarios. 

superfoods for energy

Hemp Protein Powder provides a great balance of protein, vitamins and minerals. High in iron, zinc and a good source of calcium, add this protein powder to your smoothie to give you an energy boost any time of the day, also great in a post-workout smoothie!


superfoods for energy


 Ashwagandha known as a powerful adaptogen, that’s popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It has different phytochemicals which work on the body simultaneously to combat anxiety and stress. Research shows that ashwagandha may be useful in supporting adrenal function and helping overcome adrenal fatigue. 


superfoods for energy


Camu Camu. When it comes to vitamin C, you’ll be hard pressed to find a superfood that packs in more of this powerful antioxidant than Camu Camu. 

Camu Camu is an Amazonian fruit, boasting more than 60 times the amount of vitamin C than an orange. Helps in the elimination of free radicals and also essential to a healthy immune system. 

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 Superfoods for energy

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 Superfoods for Energy


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