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Benefits of Vegan Proteins | The Perfect Match of Pea and Hemp Protein

 Benefits of Vegan Proteins For Health 

According to one study in 2005, vegetarians suffer from fewer cardiovascular diseases than people consuming meat or whey protein; since they can maintain low and steady levels of bad cholesterol in their system. 

Additionally, vegan protein reduces key factors for developing atherosclerosis, as well as slows down cancer cell growth. It also protects you from developing several degenerative diseases (2). 

On the other hand, vegan protein can also be your best ally when trying to lose weight, as well as helping you to regulate your insulin levels (3).


pea and hemp protein

The Benefits of Pea and Hemp Protein

Inside the variety of plant proteins, two varieties stand out from the others: pea and hemp protein are rich in amino acids, minerals, and health properties to enhance your overall health. 

Pea protein: rich in iron, easy to digest, and good to lose weight

Pea protein is a type of vegan protein obtained from yellow peas, which are processed to become a protein powder to add to your daily shakes or smoothie.

Pea protein offers several benefits since it is rich in all the essential amino acids that our body needs to stay lean, and healthy (4).

Pea protein powder is also rich in branched-chain amino acids, which means that it will aid to your heart health, muscle growth, and efficient weight loss (5) – not to mention that is hypoallergenic since it comes from a natural plant source -, and a great source of iron, vital for our organism.

Lastly, pea protein is easier to digest than animal proteins – that’s another good point for vegan protein.

Hemp protein: the perfect protein source and contains omega-6 and omega-3 fats in an ideal ratio that promotes heart health.

The hemp protein, obtained from grinding pressing hemp seeds until converted into a fine powder, is one of the most complete plant-based protein sources.

It contains not only the essential amino acids, and all nine branched-chain amino acids, but also has fiber, minerals, and healthy fats, thus making it a complete protein source (6).

Hemp protein is also easy to digest and contains omega3, omega6, and other fatty acids that encourage heart health (7).

With a wide variety of vitamins in its composition like vitamin E, vitamin B-6, magnesium, potassium, zinc, among others; it also helps to protect your brain, reduce inflammation, and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis (8).

 Natural vegan protein powder | Vegatox

Why Choose a Pea and Hemp Blend?

The amino acid profiles of pea protein and hemp protein complement one another quite harmoniously, making them a fantastic complete plant protein!

But, why looking for separated sources of plant protein when you can have the benefits of both of these magnificent plant-based proteins in a super powder ready to kick-ass your protein intake, and overall health?

Get ready to take your health to the next levels with the help of Kick Ass Vegan Protein powder: with only organic ingredients, and a mix that includes several superfoods such as maca, schizandra, and green matcha, prepare yourself to improve your overall health, and fitness with this incredible shake.

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