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Our Story

Imagine battling with recurrent stomach pain that does not seem to go away even after visiting the hospital. That was exactly what I experienced. 

During my teenage years, I had this severe pain in my stomach that wouldn’t even let me stand up. Basically, I could not perform any activity; I was sometimes confined at home because of this feeling of agony.

Later, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I was in the hospital for about three weeks, given 12 tablets of medication daily. Indeed, the pain subsided but the root cause was not treated.

I knew the way forward was not for me to continue seeking medical attention. It seemed that all they would do is treat the symptoms of the sickness rather than be a lasting solution.

With this thinking, I opened my mind and sought to get to the root cause of my sickness, I needed a lasting solution.

“It's truly amazing what the body can do when it's clean, detoxified, and healthy. You can experience miraculous healing.“

It was during this time that I learnt a lot about how a proper diet could protect from illness and how many of the fruits, vegetables, and other plants could benefit the body. Most of these plants have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; they can help fight and protect against many diseases.

I discovered many health benefits of pure Superfoods during this period. 

I never took synthetic medicine again and the root cause of my illness was soon gone.

My name is Kate, founder of Vegatox, with a mission to help everybody achieve a healthy lifestyle, free of many illnesses through optimum nutrition with the power of superfoods and herbs.

Vegatox is a life-long project to help transform the wellbeing of people across the world.