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How To Boost The Immune System Naturally

To protect yourself from viruses, strengthening your immune system is essential.

how to boos immune system

Here are 3 Ways to Boost Immune System Naturally:

1. Alkalising Greens

Consuming alkalising greens and natural superfoods with vitamin C specifically aimed at strengthening your immune system. 

Make freshly squeezed green juice or green smoothie every day. 

You’ll also benefit from antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improve your immune system and help your body fight infections.

Green vegetables help your body maintain a proper pH level. They’re packed with a long list of vitamins and minerals.

how to boost immune system naturally

2. Practice Cold Showers Every Morning!

The virus mainly affects people with weak immune systems. So, give your system a boost with a cold shower!

Scientific studies show that a cold shower boosts the number of white blood cells in your body—the very blood cells that protect you against disease. This process, scientists think, relates to an increased metabolic rate, which triggers the body’s immune response.

In fact, take a cold shower every morning. This will do several things:

- Wake you up

- Greatly increase your sense of wellbeing

- Improve your circulation.

Alternating warm and cold stimuli constrict and dilate your blood vessels, which strengthens your immune system.

I take a warm shower for several minutes, then turn the knob to cold. I then stay under the cold shower for 20 seconds, then turn the knob to hot...

Tip: Don’t make the water too cold at first. Adapt gradually.


how to boost your immune system naturally

3. Intermittent Fasting 

I can’t say enough about the power of this practice in resetting your immune system. How does it work? It depletes the body of some of its energy reserves, lowering the white blood cell count. This triggers the immune system into regenerating new cells.

Scientific studies have shown that fasting intermittently reduces inflammation levels and aids in autophagy—a self-cleaning function of cells during which disease-causing damaged cells are shed through adjusting the body’s metabolism.

It’s as simple as this…Just do all your eating within 8 hours and fast during the remaining 16 hours. Yes, you can do it! 

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how to boost your immune system naturally

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