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Natural Vegan Protein Powder | Only Clean Ingredients Without Added Nonsense

Natural Vegan Protein Powder

Our Kick Ass Protein is a natural vegan protein shake, made of plant-based proteins and superfoods to enhance muscle recovery, aid in weight management, boost energy levels, and prepare to kick your ass!

✔ Only natural ingredients, no added nonsense

✔ 18g of plant protein per serving

✔ Tummy friendly

✔ No stevia, thickeners or anything artificial 

Natural vegan protein powder

✔️ THE CLEANEST PLANT PROTEIN - Like any other vegan protein shakes on the market with a long list of ingredients, our Kick Ass Vegan Protein contains only 6 pure ingredients: No Sweeteners, No Thickeners, No Added Sugar, No Gums & Gluten Free.

✔️ ENERGY AND ENDURANCE - This natural vegan protein powder is blended with Peruvian Maca to increase energy, and Schisandra is known as an "adaptogen" to increase resistance to stress, and support physical performance and endurance. 

✔️ OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE - The  perfect blend of pea and hemp proteins to promote lean muscle growth and support recovery. Suitable for daily optimal performance, even if not exercising – makes for a delicious breakfast shake.

Natural vegan protein powder

INGREDIENTS: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Hemp Protein, Organic Lucuma, Organic Maca, Organic Schisandra, Organic Green Matcha (Ceremonial Grade)

HOW TO USE: Add 2 tbsp. of plant protein to your shaker bottle with nut milk for a quick post-workout shake. Blend with banana, frozen pineapple or mango and nut milk for a refreshing smoothie.

1 Bag - 500g | 15 servings (based on 33g serving size) 

 natural vegan protein powder

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QUALITY GUARANTEE - We believe in 100% transparency about what goes into our blend. We develop and manufacture all our products in the UK under strict GMP standards. 

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natural vegan protein powder